many or much;

having an

excessive amount.




creating works which express serious meanings or ideas of beauty.



proper noun:

The capital and largest city of both England and the United Kingdom.



POLYART LONDON LTD was founded by London born Artist, Andrew Polyviou, when he started using Art Therapy as a tool to fight against Cancer and Depression since 2014.

Art Therapy, also known as Art Psychotherapy, provides a place to explore feelings through using a range of art media in the context of therapeutic techniques.

Andrew Polyviou invites you to take a creative journey through POLYART THERAPY sessions, where a range of the Arts are explored, including; Oil Painting, Digital Art, Photography, Sculpting, Acting and Film.

Solfeggio Frequencies are often used in sessions to assist in the meditative state and allow the inner-self to create any kind of Art without thinking.    

POLYART LONDON is an expanding team who love to get involved with unique artistic concepts and bringing them to life.  

If you would like to know more about POLYART THERAPY, or wish to collaborate on an interesting project or have any queries about purchasing some Art, please send a message.


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POLYART LONDON LIMITED® is a UK VAT Registered and Trademarked Licensed company based in London, UK. 

We specialise in: 

  • Film

  • Photography

  • Oil on Canvas

  • Art on Glass

  • Glass Prints 

  • Digital Art

  • Logo Designs

  • Photo Editing 

  • Drone Film & Photography 

  • Movie Production  

All of our Original Physical Art is unique, handmade, signed and authenticated in London, UK.

Each piece comes with a signed certificate by the Artist; officially embossed with POLYART LONDON LIMITED  11751097.

We have a friendly and experienced team of Designers, Photographers, Videographers and Digital Artists; who enjoy collaborating on a variety of projects; including Wedding Photography, Music Videos, Short Movies and Fashion Design.  

For bookings, enquiries, collaborations or commissions, please contact below or through our instagram @polyartlondon